Slipping Away

It is hard to think that I have already been back from the Philippines for an entire month. I would love to say that it feels like I was just there. To be honest, it does not. It feels as though it is a lifetime of memories away as well as a whole world away. It saddens me to think about this. I continue to think and pray about Rehoboth and all that are their, but it is not an ever present thought as it once was a mere few weeks ago. The people mean so much to me even though I only spent a short time with them. They are family, as Bong put it. We are bonded together with the love of Christ. I miss my family back there. Through facebook I get to continue to be a part of their lives. It is exciting to get up dates on how the clinic is coming along. The ever present thoughts might not be there anymore, but the things I learned can be here with me now.

When I got back, I was over whelmed with all these thoughts about what I had just experienced. It was hard to process it all as it happened in such a short span of time. Then I got back and started to think about everything that had happened. I had all these thoughts and ideas about how I was going to change certain things in my life. I started to pray about these areas and focused on a few of them. Slowly the other ideas started slipping away along with the feeling of having just been there. God is continuing to work on my heart as I continue to evaluate things in my life.

I am excited to say that Brent and I did take the chance to start sponsoring a child. I am excited to see this child’s life change and follow him through his time at Rehoboth. I pray that God uses the money for His glory. What a precious gift to be giving someone! We have also made other changes in our life in our daily tasks and activities that we choose. I hope that this does not fade and that I continue to be ever changed. I see God changing my heart when it comes to serving as I had talked about previously (A Servant’s Heart). It is awesome to see these changes in myself as I know that this is what God wants for me. Brent and I also have the privileged of serving Sacred Portion by going to Boise, Idaho in a few weeks to run a booth for them. Please pray about this as they are trying to find people to help them with the medical clinic at Rehoboth. Pray that Brent and I are able to help spread the word about what is going on back in the Philippines.

I am trying to hold on to everything that happened, but cannot help but slip back into my old routine and way of life when it comes to most things. I am still on fire for some of the things that I brought back with me. It is exciting to think about these things and what I can do to glorify God with everything I learned and experienced. God is good and He will use me if I am willing to let Him. I do not need to be back in the Philippines for Him to use me. I just need to open up and let Him. The experiences may be slipping away, but my attitude and servant’s heart that I had their do not. This is what is more important. I did my part to help over there while I was there, now I can do my part over here in the states. I can continue to serve Rehoboth by praying and sponsoring a child. I praise God for this! I am here now for Him not myself.

Posted by Jess

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