An April Wonderland

Snow in Montana during any month is never really that unusual. There comes a point in time though that you sometimes start getting tired of it falling down when all you want is to see the sun shine for at least a day or two. I use to be fine with whatever winter threw my way a few years ago. Then I took up running. The winter weather can determine the outcome of whether or not I run. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if I had a treadmill or a gym membership. As we do not have money for either of those at the moment, winter has the the say in what I shall do. At the beginning of the winter, Brent and got into running in the snow and when is was about zero degrees outside. It started to come to a point where we were sick and tired of it. For the most part our routes were fairly well plowed or shoveled until it started to get farther into the winter and people had enough of the snow. Most people gave up shoveling. It is not the easiest to run in a half foot of snow. That is where today begins. Our alarm was set for 5:00 this morning and we took one look outside where there was six to eight inches of snow not yet plowed or shoveled. We went back to bed. As I drove around on my lunch, the streets that are plowed (which are not many) are melted and just wet. Everything else is still covered in at least eight inches of snow now as it does not seem to want to stop falling. The weather report said that their is 100% chance of precipitation for the rest of the day. I just want it to melt away and leave the streets and sidewalks clear. Don’t get me wrong. I love snow and how beautiful it looks. How can I not as it is God’s creation? But it sure does put a kink in my running. I will be running around in an April wonderland.

Posted by Jess

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