Research This

I’m a “do it yourself”er type of person. I like to learn to do things that you would typically have someone else do or buy the solution off the shelf. Build a desk, tune-up a car, fix a computer or make an HD antenna. I like to learn about new things, whether for a purpose or to just tinker and have fun. Sometimes I think I should apply this to my spiritual life. As I read through the Bible in my daily devotion time, I come across passages that I don’t understand and leave them there. What is it about reading the Word that stalemates my natural curiosity to find answers and solutions? I guess that I’ve never really kept at a reading plan in the Bible long enough to really take anything away from it on my own. I guess that part of it lies in my attitude about the whole thing. I treat the Word like a text book. Now let me tell you something about me and reading text books, I don’t like reading text books. I desire for a passionate reading experience where I hunger for the Word and it’s God-breathed content. I want a passion like the one that I currently have for returning to the Philippines. I believe that my time in the Word is a crucial piece of worship and that I need to spend more time in it. As I close this post, my thoughts continue to wander over my spiritual life. I hope that this hasn’t been to serious of a post for you, as it has been more of a relieving of my internal thoughts.

Posted by Brent

So, I am a God fearing, husband to one amazing woman, an IT professional, camera wielding, part-time runner, outdoor enthusing, tinkering, coffee loving man. I am currently Co-Founder of Thirty Five Media in Bozeman, MT as well as an IT Manager for TREC, Inc. and a Creative Director at Venture Church. The plate is usually full, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!