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Day Seven (before we leave)

The day is over, our bags are packed and we have just a few hours of sleep left before we hop on a jet plane for home. My heart is heavy, but peaceful. My mind is racing, yet my thoughts are clear. I wish I had the time to share with you the amazing day we had with the kids. I’ve gone from stoic and resolved to bursting apart in my inner mind over traveling away from the kids and then back again. I am sad, very sad, but as I said, peaceful. With a peace that surpasses all understanding, a peace that only comes from God himself! On this note I bid you good night for us and good morning for those of you who are getting up back home. We can’t wait to tell you of all of our adventures, but we are sad to leave, I am sad to leave. I know I will be back, I know that I am not finished with Rehoboth Children’s Home in Sampoloc Tanay, Phililppines.