Day 3 in the Philippines

How do I even begin with all that happened today. It was an emotional journey today that opened our eyes to so many different things.We were able to go and worship God with our brothers and sisters from across the world. The little girls and one boy from Rehoboth were able to join us. The building is a room full of plastic chairs and windows open up to the busy road. The stage is nothing beautiful or full of expensive equipment. They still use and overhead with faded out typed words and some hand written. With this all set aside, it was the most amazing worship service of a lifetime. There was no doubt that you could feel God’s presence. They sang the songs in English this morning, so we were able to follow along. Worshiping with these other believers was bringing tears to our eyes. It is pure and true. Back in the states, we get so caught up on all of the technical aspects of everything that we sometimes don’t allow God to present Himself to us. The whole things was very eye opening. The pastor also prepared his service in English as well as Tagalog, so that we would be able to understand him. We were told that he is not very confident in his English. How humbling that he would get out of his comfort zone for us even though he does not know us. It was a great sermon as he talked about how we are lights for God. We need to be out there responding and getting involved by which we will show God’s light.

The girls were holding our hands as we walked back to Rehoboth. We don’t ever want to let them go. We were able to play with all the children later on in the evening. It is so great to see the joy in there eyes and hearts as we interact with them. They have truly found a place in my heart as well as most of ours.

After lunch, we took a ride down to the market in Tanay (at least I believe that is where we went.) The market is filled with people trying to make money to survive. They are constantly trying to get you to buy items from them. It is hard to explain how I felt with seeing all of the poverty that is in this country. No words can really explain the way it looks and feels to see people living that way when we have so much back home in the states. God is so good. He puts smiles on these peoples faces. This experience at the market and the ride down there is giving us a glimpse of the experience we will have on Tuesday afternoon as we are going into Antipolo to work with some street kids. Please be praying about this day as we are going to be seeing things that might be hard to deal with. These kids do not necessarily live very good lives. Pray that we have an impact on these street kids as well as the kids at Rehoboth for God’s glory.

That is just a glimpse into what happened today, but I ask for your continued prayer as we get back to work on the clinic after a day of rest. Thanks for all your prayers!

Posted by Jess

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