Day Two (now with pictures!)

Before I get going on the happenings of our life here at Rehoboth, we were not affected by Japan’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake that occurred around 1:00 pm our time yesterday. Our prayers are with the relief effort of the many aid workers in Japan and the surrounding costal communities. As far as I know, there was no damage to the Philippines, we didn’t ever hear about it until let this morning. From the sound of the various news reports and both the airline and airport web pages, travel will be close to normal by the time we journey back home so don’t worry. We are far removed from the crisis that has occurred in Japan.

I have forgotten what it feels like to acclimate to a new region, let alone adjust to a different culture. The most experience that I have had in this area over the last couple years was when I traveled to Nashville last summer to help move out my brother. I feels a little different being on this trip as an “adult” whereas my previous forays into missionary travel were as a teenager in mexico. I definitely don’t have quite the energy that I remember those several years ago. However, I have been able to still act like a kid thanks not only to our three accompanying teenagers but also to Jim the “experienced” yet young at heart. I have noticed that today felt a little heavier, not just because I’m slightly sore from carrying buckets full of dirt or digging in the red, clay filled strata, but because of the jet lag finally taking it’s toll. I am so glad that we are well taken care of here at Rehoboth. The lady’s who make our meals are wonderful, and make wonderful food as well. Our beds are comfortable, maybe not quite like the one lying back at home, but I have slept great! Click through to read more!

It has been in the mid to upper 70’s during the day with some slight wind and the occasional cloud that gives a momentary relief from the warm, nearly overhead sun. The evenings are a cool 65Ëš and with each night they feel cooler as we acclimate to the temperature. It is crazy to go from a climate where I was comfortable in shorts once the temperature rose above freezing, to where it never freezes and the sun reminds you that you live half the world away. We haven’t had much chance to see much of the local countryside, but from what I have seen, it is very pretty. Tomorrow, we will be headed off to church, so I will get a better picture of the surrounding landscapes.

Today, we continued work on the clinic. Just when we thought we were done digging and moving dirt, a new opportunity to dig and move dirt arose. I did have a great excuse to take some additional breaks from the digging by strapping on the cameras and taking some pictures and recording some action. Some of the guys started work on the plumbing while others prepared for concrete to poured around the perimeter of the building. During our first “marienda” or break, we went to the nearby roadside shop to get some cold sodas and a chocolate bar. Jess and I both were able to snack for under a dollar.

I am sure some of you are wondering about our experiences with the children. I can’t really speak to that as much since I have spent my time at the worksite which is across the road. I will have to get Jess on here to write an entry on the kids sometime in the coming days. I hope that you have enjoyed this little update.

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