Story Mill

Story MillThe story mill in Bozeman, MT is probably one of my favorite places to visit when I feel the muse to take some picture. It is probably cliche for me to continue to go there, as it is popular among the photography crowd, but I do enjoy the vacant structure. However, I am unsettled at the rate of the property’s destitution. Four or five years ago, there was barely any graffiti or vandalism, but it is now covered with the marking more familiar to an urban setting or train yard, and every door or window has been broken. Click past the break for the rest of the story and a photo gallery.

I do appreciate art, but this is a travesty. The old mill has an old elegance and it used to be a place that instilled a sense of peace and solitude. I wish that I would have spent more time there those few summers ago, listening to the occasional car travel the gravel road and feeling the gentle breeze floating throughout the various buildings. With the increase in vandalism, I fear the structure’s days are limited. I hope that someone will one day be able to jumpstart the failed attempt in restoration. The prior restoration project aimed at turning the old building into a business and residential park, but abandoned the project due to the parent company involved filing bankruptcy. If you would like more information, please vist here for more information.

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